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Andrea Mannberg

Andrea Mannberg (PhD) is an Associate Professor in economics at the School of Business and Economics, and Centre for Research and Education at UiT – the Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø, Norway. Predictably irrational and a sucker for social attention. Does not keep up with Jeremy Jones.

Are you keeping up with Jeremy Jones.

In economics, there is a growing body of research that suggests that many people have so-called "positional preferences". A positional individual derives utility from their consumption relative to that of others. Let's use an example. Suppose that you own a 5 year old car. It works reasonably well and takes you wherever you want to go. You are quite happy with it. Now suppose that you get a visit from your brother or son in law, ...

28. Nov. 2018

Who is at risk in the backcountry?

Whenever someone gets injured or killed in an avalanche, it is a tragedy, for the individual, for his or her family and for society as a whole. But let us be honest, for most of us the probability of getting caught in an avalanche is still relatively low and the health benefits and economic contributions that backcountry touring give rise to are potentially very large. So the solution to the problem of people triggering and getting caught in avalanches is not abstinence, ...

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