bergundsteigen #127 cover
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bergundsteigen Autor Rolando Garibotti

Rolando Garibotti

Rolando Garibotti grew up in Bariloche, in northern Patagonia, spent much of his adult life in North America and for the last ten years splits his time between the Dolomites and El Chalten. Together with Dörte Pietron he is the author of the guidebook to the Chalten Massif.

rime Mushrooms & ice-axe wings

The rime that forms on certain Patagonia summits is one of the most unique features the area has to offer. It builds into large “mushroom” like formations on the upwind side of mountain summits and ridges and on windward rock faces, often overhanging on all aspects. It forms when the terrain is engulfed in clouds and strong winds blow super-cooled cloud droplets onto sub-freezing surfaces. Rime mushrooms are particularly scary to climb, because they have the consistency of cotton candy, ...

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